Recent medical research has pointed on 7 groceries that are not only delicious, but have been found to have potential with cancer treatments and to stop cancer growth.

Some of those items are already very popular and a favorite to many people.
Hardly anyone do not like tomatoes, blueberries, red wine, black chocolate, turmeric, green tea or curry.
With constantly consumption of any of food listed above, they can stop tumor growth, perhaps more effectively than chemotherapy and to mention that are very tasty.
How so powerful they can be?
When forming our body is going through a phase called angiogenesis, during this phase all our blood vessels are created. This physiological process is present and later in human life in healing of wounds, when angiogenesis is responsible for formation of granulation tissue and blood vessel growth.
Angiogenesis has fundamental role in tumor growth and its transition from a benign into the malignant stage.
Seven groceries that we have listed above have anti-angiogenesis effect, and because of that they are able to stop cancer cells growth.
They prevent angiogenic growth factor and that way prevent tumor and cancer cells growth.
Tumors are supplied from blood which provide the oxygen and other essential nutrients they require, malignant tumor cells rapidly divide and progressively accumulate mutated cells and then they grow beyond a certain size.
Most cancer medicines are pharmaceutically designed inhibitors, which function is to prevent angiogenesis activators. Inhibitors actually do not attack cancer cells, they only prevent their growing.
As we have mentioned that 7 groceries listed above have a similar anti-angiogenesis effect. Below you can see reasons of the power of each of them.
Red Wine Effect
Resveratrol substance found in the grape skin is one powerful antioxidant, contained in Red wine. This appreciated powerful antioxidant is very effective in decreasing chances for heart conditions and also slowing down aging.
Red wine because of content of resveratrol is commonly recommended to improve glucose tolerance, heart operation and energy production; it can eliminate free radicals, viruses and bacteria.
Some wine sorts (Bordeaux or Pinot Noir) have higher concentrations of resveratrol and it is needed 225ml of wine with up to 640mcg of Resveratrol to support your body. If you don’t like alcohol, you can always use Resveratrol from grapes.
The Tomato Effect
Recent Harvard research showed that people who regularly ate cooked tomatoes were 50% reduced chance to get prostate cancer.
The research has shown that tomatoes contain high amounts of a substance called lycopene and because of it are very effective in preventing angiogenesis.
Cooked tomato is more effective than fresh, regarding preventing cancer growth, because of concentration of lycopene increases on higher temperatures.
All this applies to curry, too.
The Blueberry & Raspberry Effect
Blueberries and raspberries has anti-cancer capabilities, especially against ovarian cancer. Their effectiveness is found in content of phytochemicals (their dark color comes from phytochemical) that is proven as very good in cancer prevention.
Dark Chocolate
As an incredibly tasty dessert, Dark Chocolate is very good for heart condition, overall happiness, but also effective against cancer cells.
Coffee and Green Tea
Most popular both coffee and green tea are well known of their effect to decrease the chances of cancer development.
Turmeric is known of having many of health benefits, but it is also used as a preventive against cancer.

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