Lemons have multiple vitamins and antioxidants contained in them, but did you know the peel contains 5-10 more vitamins than the juice does? Lemons contain vitamins C, A, B1, B6, magnesium, bioflavonoids, folic acid, pectin, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and much more. One of the most overlooked benefits of lemons is that they can help prevent joint pain.
 You Can Remove Joint Pain Forever With Just A Peel Of Lemon
Source: grabyourhealthy.com

Conducted in a research not long ago, it has been discovered that lemons can relieve pain in the joints, arms, and legs. The peel of a lemon is full of rich essential oils that soothe blood vessels and have anti-inflammatory properties.

This process helps for making nerve pain neutral. There are two different ways you can take advantage of the lemon peel.

– Start by peeling 2 organic lemons and then place them in a glass jar.
Afterwards, you should add some olive oil and close it. Do not open the jar for about 15 days.
Next, place a gauze in the jar and let it soak. Then, place it on the aching joints and use a bandage to secure it. Allow it to stay overnight.
– In the second recipe you need to grate only the yellow part of the lemon, place it on the affected part of the body, the place where you feel pain and then put a bandage over them. Let it stay like this for a few hours and you will be astonished by the results!
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