People use alcohol rosemary to treat different health problems, such as:
  • Circulatory problems, varicose veins, heaviness of legs
  • Against cellulite
  • Rub their neck
  • Bumps and bruises
  • Muscle aches, joint pain, rheumatism, lumbago, sprains
  • Against hair loss
  • Against colds and flu
  • Prevent hair loss
Note: you should consult with a health care professional before beginning use of a natural remedy:
  • 1 sprig fresh rosemary, leaves and flowers
  • Alcohol (for wounds)
  • 1 glass container

  1. You can use fresh plant (leaves and flower). Or, you can use dried plant! But, the results won’t be the same.
  2. Fill a glass container with freshly picked rosemary.
  3. Slice it in small pieces and add it in the glass container!
  4. Once you have filled the container with the ground, cover it with alcohol (96°) (sold in pharmacies) and close the container.
  5. Leave this remedy in a dark place and let it sit for 15 days.
  6. You can leave it up to 40 days, but generally 15 days is more than enough.
  7. After 15 days, strain the liquid and keep it in a dark glass container!
  8. Use it externally on the affected areas!
  9. Get ready to be amazed by the results!
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